School's Out Programs (PBC)

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Attention current WebTrac users: Every 2 years the City requires WebTrac users to re-verify residency in person. If you have not registered for a class/program since August 2014, your username & password are no longer valid.  To be reset in the system, you must come in person to a Community Center, Tennis Center, or Sugar Sand Field House to re-activate your WebTrac account.  You must bring proof of residency at that time to continue to receive resident rates for on-line registrations.


Ages 5-11

Boys and girls alike will love this program! Nonstop fun with sport games, hip-hop dances, gymnastics, crafts, outside activities and relays will teach them sportsmanship, team building, and health physical activity. Students will also gain coordination and strength through gymnastic instruction. Wear sneakers for safety. Bring a lunch, 2 snacks, and beverage.

Instructor: Joy Deco Enterprises Staff

DAY: Monday

TIME: 10:30am-4:30pm

ACTIVITY: 213426

Date: A1, January 20

Cost: Resident $65, Non-resident $81.25


Ages 5-12

Young artists learn to draw, paint, and create using a multitude of artistic mediums and surfaces. Each hour is different…let’s get creative! Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage.

Instructor: KidzArt PBC Staff

DAYS: Friday, Monday

TIME: 8:30am- 1:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213013

Dates:        G1, February 28           G2, April 10

Cost: Resident $55, Non-resident $68.75


Ages 5-10

Our goal at Bright & Smart is to teach kids basic engineering skills, facilitate the development of 21st Century learning skills and develop kids’ higher cognitive skills including information & media literacy, critical thinking & problem solving, and interpersonal & collaborative skills. Participants use computers to design and create, programming their own interactive stories and building robots. Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage. Materials Fee $5 due to instructor at the start of class.

Instructor: Bright & Smart Staff

DAYS: Friday

TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm

ACTIVITY: 213413

Dates:     H1, February 28           H2, April 10

Cost: Resident $75, Non-resident $93.75