Every Day in the Explorium

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***Sugar Sand Park Community Center is open Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 9am-4pm for walk-in permit sales and customer service questions.

2020-2021 Beach, Boat, & Dog Permits are available NOW for purchase at City Community Centers. City beach, boat, and dog park/beach permit-holders are still encouraged to renew permits online. Facial coverings are required in all City facilities.

The Science Playground, Splash Pad, walking paths & outdoor basketball courts at Sugar Sand Park are open for public use. Athletic fields are open for individualized or family use only.

Please remember to practice #ResponsibleRecreation, and continue to utilize hand sanitizer, wear face masks, and keep physically distant while visiting our parks and facilities.

Please be advised that the Children's Science Explorium, Willow Theatre, Carousel, and Field House are currently closed.

Pavilions are not being rented at this time. They are available on a first-come first-serve basis, for ten people or less. Decorations are not permitted.***

Bugio (Bug Bingo)

Although the indoor components of the Science Explorium remains closed, there is still fun to be had outdoors on our Discovery Trail and in our Science Garden. Take your outdoor visit to the next level by using your senses of sight and sound to investigate your surroundings while playing a game of Bugio. Template available to download below using your mobile device.

Date & Time: Available anytime when visiting the Science Garden (*See below for some helpful tips for use)

Ages: 5+ with parent/guardian

Cost: FREE!

Click here for your Buggio template! *If you're downloading this link to your phone, save it as an image and play using your phone's editing mode/drawing tools to mark your board.


Want to make the most out of your trip to the Science Garden?


Ever wonder why they call it Sugar Sand Park?

Programs below will resume when the Explorium reopens to the public.

Girl wearing eco-pack

*REDESIGNED!* Grab 'n' Go Eco Packs

Calling all nature-enthusiasts! Are you ready to set out on a self-guided tour of Sugar Sand Park? Wield investigative tools, hone your wayfinding skills, and complete an interactive journal with this outdoor adventure kit.

Date & Time: Available for rent during normal Explorium hours

Ages: 5+ with parent/guardian

Cost: FREE!

  • Must be 18 or older to rent a pack.
  • Must provide a valid ID to be held during time of rental.
  • Packs are designed for individual use or a small group of up to 4 people.
  • All packs must be returned half an hour before the Explorium closes.
Cache pin


Test your navigation skills and outdoor field knowledge by participating in our Earthcaching program.

Use GPS technology to find a special geological location right inside Sugar Sand Park. Answer a question about what you find to earn your Explorium Earthcaching pin!

Date & Time: Available during normal Explorium hours

Ages: 7+ with parent/guardian

Cost: FREE!

Cory with challenge sheet

Challenge Sheets

Take your visit to the Explorium to the next level by asking a staff member for a challenge sheet! No matter your age or grade level, we have a challenge for you.

We have both indoor and outdoor challenges, so take your pick between the natural and physical sciences.

Use your deduction skills to answer questions about our exhibits.

Date & Time: Available for rent during normal Explorium hours

Ages: 5+ with parent/guardian

Cost: FREE!

Fossil cart

Experiment Express

What’s that over there? It’s cool science on the fly! Catch us doing an impromptu science demo at our   experiment express cart whenever the urge strikes.

From precious stones to animal bones, our staff and volunteers are always excited to show you something new!

Ages: 5+ with parent/guardian

Cost: FREE!