Winter Break Programs

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School's Out Winter Break


ENGINEERING SKILLS FOR KIDS                                         


Our goal at Bright & Smart is to teach kids basic engineering skills, facilitate the development of 21st Century learning skills and develop kids higher cognitive skills including information & media literacy, critical thinking & problem solving, and interpersonal & collaborative skills. Participants use computers to design and create programming their own interactive stories and build robots. Bring a lunch and beverage. Materials Fee $5 due to instructor at the start of class.

Instructor: Lucy Tamez and Staff, Bright & Smart

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                             

TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113413

Dates:    A5- December 26

                A6- December 27

                A7- January 6

Cost:     Per 1 day: Resident $75 Non-resident $93.75

FUN & FITNESS                                                                                                      


Sport games, hip hop dance, gymnastics, arts & crafts, theatre games, and more! Wear sneakers for safety. Bring a lunch, 2 snacks, and beverage. 

Instructor: Joy Deco and Staff, Joy Deco Enterprises

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                             

TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm           

ACTIVITY: 113426

Dates:     A1- December 26

                 A2- December 27

                 A3- January 2

                 A4- January 3

                 A5- January 6

Cost:     Per 1 day: Resident $65 Non-resident $81.25

NEW! MIND GAMES                                                                                                      


Join us for a day of fun academic game play which include STEM based activities that promote critical thinking, focus and attention, and positive sportsmanship. Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage.

Instructor: Jenny Levin, Mind Games and Beyond

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                            

TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113029

Dates:     A3- December 26

                 A4- December 30

Cost:  Per 1 day: Resident $65 Non-resident $81.25

NEW! WINTER KIDS CLUB                                                                                         


Looking for something fun to do during winter break? Come join in our social play group to assist extra social skills practice. The group is open to all children with special needs. During group, there will be a variety of games and activities to do with new friends. Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage. 

Instructor: To'Rica Exume, My Florida Therapy

DAYS:  FRIDAY                                                                                              

ACTIVITY: 113000

Dates:  C1- December 27                 9:30am-12:30pm

              C2-December 27                  1:00pm-4:00pm

Cost:    Per 1 session: Resident $50 Non-resident $62.50



Young artists learn to draw, paint, and create using a multitude of artistic mediums and surfaces, and engage in team-building activities.  Each hour is different…let’s get creative!  Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage. 

Instructor: Erica Johnson and Staff, KidzArt PBC

DAYS:  VARIES                                                                                            

TIME: 8:30am-1:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113013

Dates:  A2- December 30

              A3- January 3

              A4-January 6

Cost:    Per 1 day: Resident $55 Non-resident $68.75

CURTAIN CALL: 2 DAYS OF THEATRE FUN!                   


Why wait for summer? Join us for two days jam-packed with skits, theatre games, make-up, acting, acting, music, and more! Bring your own make-up supplies, a lunch, snack, and beverage.

Instructor: Kris Coffelt and Staff, Curtain Call Playhouse

DAYS:  THURSDAY- FRIDAY                                                                         

TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113425

Dates:  A1- January 2-3

Cost:    Per 2 days: Resident $150 Non-resident 187.50

NEW! EDIBLE SCIENCE                                                                    


Get ready for a day of science related topics you could finally EAT. This Science Adventure is designed to transform the classroom into an Edible Science lab. By incorporating the following life science, biology, chemistry, solar system exploration and Earth Sciences into simple experiments. Where SCIENCE and FOOD collide. Students will EAT them up!!! Bring a lunch, snack, and beverage. 

Instructor: Sara Doctofsky, The Professional You

DAYS:  THURSDAY                                                                                    

TIME: 8:30am-3:00pm           

ACTIVITY: 113027

Dates:  C1- January 2

Cost:   Resident $75 Non-resident $93.75