Shriek Week "Boo-cruitment" Meeting


GENERAL “Boo-cruitment” Meeting

Thurs 9/12, 6-8pm   OR    Sat 9/14, 1-3pm

required for ALL Boo Crew & Backstage Crew recruits


BOO CREW all levels welcome-no acting experience necessary. Acting roles will be two-levels- Boo Crew and Scream Team. Boo Crew actors are required to audition for designated roles (after the meeting.)  Audition will consist of line readings and improvised scenes.  Scream Team members are not required to audition, but will be assigned placement the night of the event. 

BACKSTAGE CREW operate effects behind-the-scenes. Must attend General “Boo-cruitment” meeting.  Backstage Crew will also have a chance to do Scream Team positions if desired.

After the meeting, if you are not signed up as a City of Boca Raton volunteer,  you will need to submit the forms. Email Stacee Lanz for a Volunteer Application (new volunteers) or Background Check (returning volunteers). Forms must be submitted by Sept. 21. NO EXCEPTIONS  Click here for more detailed volunteer information.




Stacee Lanz
561-347-3901 | [email protected]