Early Afternoon Explorers

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Early Afternoon Explorers

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Are you ready to do something DIFFERENT?

These monthly, hour-long classes for home schoolers offer explorers a chance to participate in fun, social and educational science programs! Each month's lesson will focus on a different topic, with hands-on activities and immersive learning experiences.

Classes are one hour long, and divided into age groups. The first expedition takes fledgling explorers (ages 6 to 9) on an engaging and interactive adventure of the basic scientific principles. More in-depth exploration is at hand for the more experienced trail-blazers (ages 10 to 12), in the second hour of the program.

Cost: Resident $10; Non-resident $12.50


Students can sign up for individual classes or the entire season.

All registrations must be made at least one day in advance.

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Now Hear This!

Dates, Times and Ages

Mon, May 11

Ages 6-9, 1-2pm

Ages 10-12, 2-3pm

Early afternoon explorers